Maritza Morales's Alternative Spring Break Reflection: Day 4

Maritza Morales’s Alternative Spring Break Reflection: Day 4

My experiences on this trip were very pleasant. Although I didn’t like that there wasn’t always enough to do, every job mattered and I also picked up a few new skills such as painting and insulation. My emotional reaction was hurt and anxiousness. Anxiousness for what will happen after we leave and for what’s yet to come. I have family in Puerto Rico right now struggling and trying to maintain a sense of hope and that created a very emotional experience. The people benefiting from this project are the ones who are getting their homes together and the ones who are working to make an impact. The long term impact of my project with be a home still with the sense of pride that the homeowner feels to maintain their sense of hope and less stress. In five years, I could only hope that my work still remains but I know the emotional response from the homeowners after we finished was something that will always be remembered. I think that its unfortunate that people still are reaching out for help and there are still ways we can collectively help and make new ways of changing the system when it comes to handling hurricane crises.