Students Reflect: David Lê on the March for Our Lives

Students Reflect: David Lê on the March for Our Lives

David Lê ’19, Marketing

Working in a civic engagement office at Pace University, I’ve always heard talk about how life-changing a march/rally is. When I heard about March For Our Lives I was hesitant to go because I was nervous about what to expect. Despite my hesitation, I thought to myself, “I live in a country that allows me to peacefully protest with freedom of speech so I need to check my privilege and go to the march.”

What I can definitely be certain about now is that attending a march is truly a life changing experience. It was welcoming to see so many people of all ages, ethnicities, and backgrounds  come together in a unified voice for such an important cause. Gun violence is no joke. It’s appalling and disgusting to see how far the United States has let it come.

For those that may argue “protesting and rallying won’t actually do anything,” it isn’t true. At the March, we chanted, “Show us what democracy looks like / This is what democracy looks like!” We live in a country in which we’re privileged to be able to protest peacefully. As a young leader in today’s society, it is so important that we voice our concerns and take action to shape the world into a loving, caring, and empathetic one to benefit us and future generations.

It’s also important that we carry on this motivation after March For Our Lives as youth leaders in United States by being proactive with phone calls and letters to elected officials, local organizing, joining networks against gun violence, and on-campus activism.