This week for my daily activism challenge I helped the environment, donated and made sure to include others. At the beginning of the week I spoke with CCAR and made a video about helping the environment. On Tuesday, I left some extra dollars in the vending machine to provide a snack to a student who was having a tough time with final exams. On Wednesday, I photographed and volunteered at the Pace Environmental Center Open house and had a great time showing students our animals and talking to them about wildlife and the environment. On Thursday I focused on being kind to myself and made an inspiration board. On Friday, I did something simple, but still very helpful. I asked a friend to join our group for a class project. I want to make sure I make others feel happy and included at Pace. And finally on Saturday and Sunday I donated to two different organizations to help combat poverty/hunger and provide children with cancer kids the ability to get free treatment and housing. It’s crazy how all it takes is one person to start to change the world.


Samantha Mayrose