For the month of April, I’ve been taking on VEGETARIANISM as a part of the Center for Community Action and Research’s #EverydayActivismChallenge. I actually wanted to go a step further and do VEGANISM, and over the course of 20 days, it went very well! I’m proud to say that for almost the entire month I was the best vegan I could be! At first it was a bit difficult because I wasn’t eating enough to feel well nourished. However, after a day of YouTubing vegan recipes and browsing the aisles of Whole Foods, I’ve been able to cook some pretty delicious meals that are rich in protein and also satisfied the amount of daily vitamins and nutrients needed for me each day.

Vegan Mexican Breakfast, cooked entirely with natural and organic ingredients. All vegan, all free of artificial preservatives!

Ever since I’ve taken on this vegan diet, I’ve felt less bloated, more active, and overall less sloth-like. I don’t really crave meat or chicken, and haven’t thus far… but don’t get me wrong — there have been times of temptation, especially when I walk by the meaty aroma secreted from a Mighty Quinn’s.

So far I’ve been able to resist temptation and find meat and chicken alternatives that taste just as good — if not better than some meaty plates. Eating out hasn’t been too much of a problem, as most places here in NYC have more than enough vegetarian/vegan options which makes it easy for a night out with friends!

An example of an all vegan salad I consumed on one of my lunch outings with friends.

Unfortunately, my veganism broke on the 21st of April due to me having no other option but mushroom cheese pizza, but not to worry because I have kept my word in promising to be a vegetarian. April is slowly coming to an end and honestly, after the horrible feeling I had after eating all of that cheese, I might continue to stay as vegan as possible beyond April!