Volunteer Spotlight: Angelica Fabian '17

Volunteer Spotlight: Angelica Fabian ’17

Angelica Fabian is an Advertising & Integrated Marketing Communications and Arts & Entertainment Management double major, a Pace Spirit Ambassador, and President of the National Residence Hall Honorary among her many other roles on campus. Even with her many commitments, Angelica has made giving back to her community a priority, first as a Team Leader with Pace’s chapter of Jumpstart and now as Pace’s Volunteer Coordinator for the program, which “allows Pace college students to work one-on-one with disadvantaged, preschool children to help them combat America’s school readiness crisis and enhance early literacy.” Read on to learn more about Angelica and her motivations to be involved on campus and to give back!

Year of Graduation: May 2017
Major(s): Advertising & Integrated Marketing Communications and Arts & Entertainment Management
Career Aspirations: To become a Marketing Manager in the Entertainment Industry

You have the grand opportunity to leave your mark—that’s always great because you do not always know the effect you can have on someone, a community, or the world.

Is volunteering a form of empowerment? If yes, who do you see benefits from it the most?

I believe it is a form of empowerment because volunteering allows you to physically impact a community. You are exposing yourself to real situations and making a beneficial change. I am certain that not only those you are helping out benefit from volunteering but also you as well because it allows you to interact with people from all walks of life and grow individually and professionally.

You started out as a Pace Jumpstart Team Leader and now you’re Pace’s Volunteer Coordinator. What inspired you to become and stay involved with Jumpstart?

Growing up I was very involved in my community, always giving back whenever I had free time. When I came to Pace, I was determined to get acclimated to the community by volunteering. As soon as I found out about Jumpstart, I fell in love. I mean what college student gets to do arts & craft as part of their job? I love how Jumpstart is about helping others succeed in life and as a Team Leader, I thoroughly enjoyed seeing the influence we had on the students. As the Volunteer Coordinator, I revel in being able to coordinate events and impact more students than I did in the classroom per event.

Attending college is a privilege that we often take for granted, and we love how Jumpstart promotes and implements an early education model. How do you think we can make education more accessible to everyone?

Jumpstart’s mission is to work towards the day when every child in America has the means necessary to succeed and I strongly agree. I believe that everyone should have access to affordable, quality education. We can make college more accessible to students by making colleges and universities tuition-free. In addition, we need to lower the interest rates on student loans.


How does race, gender, and power affect you on an individual and interpersonal level, especially in your volunteer work?

I have always felt the need share my compassion and knowledge to help those who are less fortunate. That made me realize that I want to continue giving back to my community as long as I am able to do so. It has taught me to communicate better with individuals from all backgrounds, to work better in a group setting, and most importantly, to listen. Each of our stories are incredible and demonstrate to us that we can reach further.

What are other social justice issues that you are involved with?

Other issues I hold close to my heart are LGBTQA Rights, Homelessness, Immigration, and Equality for Women and Men.

What motivates you to become civically engaged?

My parents instilled in my siblings and I that it takes hard-work and determination to succeed in life and in your career. With that, they also taught us to be humble and to share our wealth and knowledge with others. To be able to look back and see the amazing progress I have done after completing a volunteer project—that’s an incredible feeling.

Why is it important for students to get involved in service and activism while at Pace?

It is very important for students to get involved in service and activism because you learn more in-depth about your likes and dislikes, skills, aspirations, and even a future career path! You have the grand opportunity to leave your mark—that’s always great because you do not always know the effect you can have on someone, a community, or the world.