Student Service Spotlight: Jordan White

Student Service Spotlight: Jordan White

“Do more hands on service.”

Jordan White pulls no punches when it comes to her advice to her fellow Pace students. Getting more involved on campus is what made her “become the person I am today.” Jordan has a track record impressive enough makes her advice hold great weight. Jordan is a senior Applied Psychology and Human Relations major, with a minor in Women and Gender Studies on the Pleasantville campus. She is the Eta Tau chapter President for the Gamma Sigma Sigma National Service Sorority on campus and holds one of the Receptionist Positions at the Pace Pleasantville Writing Center. Since she came on campus four years ago Jordan has also been a part of the Colleges Against Cancer, Black Student Union, the Student Government Association, LGBTQA lunch discussions, PAR+C2 , Tunnel of Oppression, Relay for Life, and currently is the first Senior intern for the new Sexual Assault Prevention and Education Specialist on campus. Jordan emulates her “do more hands on service” advice.

Jordan White raved about one her favorite local service partners, Greenburgh Nature Center, exclaiming that out of all the service she has done thus far,

“I definitely enjoy [volunteering at] Greenburgh Nature Center [the most]. I have been doing it since my freshmen year. I love just helping out the Center, because everything they do is volunteer work. Giving them the extra hand they need to execute their various events, really makes me happy.

Most students would say that their interests on campus would be enough. Jordan feels the need to go beyond and support the community outside of Pace.  She takes pride in doing hands-on service and fundraising for organizations and philanthropy. “Our … community needs hands on help.” Jordan’s demeanor when talking about community service is fierce and protective – you can’t help but notice the fire in their eyes. “Greenburgh Nature Center teaches kids how to share, make friends, and be part of the community,” Jordan says.

The same fire that she carries for service has shaped Jordan’s decisions about her future. Jordan stated during her interview that she would like to be a “…Psychologist that specializes in Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder in women and young children.” She has volunteered with young children since she was 12 years of age. Her drive comes from innate desire to learn. “Children can teach you so much,” Jordan says candidly. “people don’t realize how much you can learn from them.”

Volunteer work has helped her gain experiences that many of her peers wish they could have going into the job search.

Not that she ever did it for those reasons.