Introducing the Pace University Vote Everywhere Ambassadors

Introducing the Pace University Vote Everywhere Ambassadors

The Center for Community Action and Research is thrilled to introduce you to the newest additions to our University, our Vote Everywhere Ambassadors! The Vote Everywhere Ambassador program, run through the Andrew Goodman Foundation, supports voting rights Ambassadors on college campuses nationwide through voter registration drives, voter education events and get out the vote activities. Look for them on campus and contact them at!

Ariella Riapos, ’18

ariellaAriella is a sophomore with a major in Political Science. She has always been passionate about social justice and politics and is extremely excited to be working as a Vote Everywhere Ambassador. She firmly believes that voting is one of our most important rights, one that many people spent years fighting for, and as citizens it is our duty to participate in the political process. Her goal is to educate as many people as possible on the political system and how big of an impact the people have on our government through voting. Formerly a BFA Acting for FTVC major, she loves making connections with new people and using art as a means to communicate messages of social justice and activism. Ariella hopes to some day hold public office and bring much-needed Latino representation into U.S. government.

Carina Draper, ’19

Pace-University-Carina-DraperCarina is a freshman at Pace University studying Communication Studies. She is a former Democracy Coach with Generation Citizen and looks forward to making a community impact. Initially an actress, she has found her favorite shows to be those of empowerment and success from adversity, which sparked her interest in getting involved with helping her community. Carina has always believed in social equality and strives to make the world better for future generations. As a Vote Everywhere Ambassador, she hopes to not only educate her peers but also leave a lasting positive impact.