Two years straight volunteering for Alternative Spring Break in the Rockaways, NY and it still felt like a brand new experience. I enjoyed my experience very much in the Rockaways. We as a group are in the rockaways because we want to help our fellow community become what they once were. As we went further into our last days, I learned that it isn’t possible for the residents of that community to become what they once were because nothing will ever be the same no matter how fixed and new the Rockaways will become. Although the residents will never be the same or become what they once were this doesn’t have to be for the worst. People can change for the better.

We think we are impacting the lives of these family, we definitely are, but it is much more than that. We are also showing one community can help and support another community. I think this is very important because we truly only have each other and we as a society need to learn how to help each other instead of hurt each other. Being on each others side can make a huge difference in a community.

Being someone who has attended Alternative Spring Break twice, I can truly say that the experience I had both times was definitely an eye opener to new issues that can only change if we as a community and society actually part take in help changing these issues. I am glad I was able to attend again because although It was an old experience, it was still a very new and different experience that will definitely impact me personally.