Volunteer Spotlight: Maria Gozon

MariaThis week’s Volunteer Spotlight is Maria Gozon! Maria has been a part of not only Pace University’s chapter of Rotaract, but also the Rotaract Club at the UN. Read more to learn about Maria.

Year of Graduation: 2016
Major(s): Public Accounting
Minor(s): Management
Career Aspirations: To work for a company or organization with a creative environment
and great values. Those aspects tend to influence the work culture and
determine the employee morale.

How did you first get involved with service?

I’ve always been involved with volunteering and service, but once joining the Rotaract Club at the United Nations, it had a great influence on my involvement with the communities I belong to. One of the first service projects I was involved with through the club would be the birthday parties we hold for the children of a local soup kitchen. Three times a year we throw them a Chuck E. Cheese party and they absolutely love it. Each birthday party is just as special as the last.

How did you get involved with Rotaract?

I first discovered Rotaract here at Pace 1 year ago. A general interest meeting was promoted through the Center for Community Action and Research newsletter describing what Rotaract is and I immediately wanted to find out more. From there, the opportunity to attend an International Breakfast at the UN Church Center was available and it seemed like a great event. I met members of the club I am currently apart of and just became more and more involved. Now I am the current Director of Events for the club which involves coming up with different service and social events throughout the year. “Rotaract brings together dedicated individuals to take action in their communities, develop their leadership and professional skills, and have fun.” Why wouldn’t I want to be apart of that?

What motivates you to be civically engaged?

What really motivates me to be civically engaged is thinking of the future of my community.  Whether it may be the community of my hometown, Pace or New York.  They’ve all had an impact on me and essentially am a product of all three. I believe that the communities you engage yourself in help make you who you are and why wouldn’t I want to give back and possibly make a difference in sustainability.

What has been your most meaningful volunteer experience?

Over the summer I volunteered with an organization that dealt with disaster relief at an international level. The project I was apart of was in Staten Island which helped rebuild homes of families that were victim to Hurricane Sandy. I’m from New Jersey, and to see that a lot of areas in New York and New Jersey are still recovering 3 years later was truly a humbling experience.