16 Days of Activism: Take Action!

We are right in the midst of the 16 Days of Activism Against Gender Violence!

Today is the 11th day out of the 16 days dedicated to the fight for awareness and action against gender-based violence. Along with our media campaigns, The CCARNYC has been posting petitions for each of the 16 days in order to create opportunities for you to get involved in making a difference, and TAKE ACTION!

Haven’t seen these petitions? Don’t feel like going to our facebook or twitter page? That’s alright. We have all of the petitions that we’ve complied for the 16 Days of Activism right here! Take a moment to choose the ones that speak to you, or, if you have the time, take them all!


For more information about these issues, check out our facebook and twitter account to join the conversation and learn about the most recent news, studies, and statistics about gender-based violence.