On Wednesday the CCAR hosted a REACT to FILM event at Pace in which students gathered in the Pace Art Gallery for free food, and a screening and discussion of the documentary Inocente.

The 35 students in attendance were able to watch the film, and then participate in a Google Hangout video chatting session with a representative from REACT to FILM, the director of Inocente, and four other universities across the nation.

About Inocente:

inocente_stillInocente is a 2012 film that captures the life  of a 15 year old homeless, undocumented immigrant living in San Diego. This compelling story of a girl working to pursue her dream of becoming an artist despite her dark past is a journey of hope, passion, and most of all, the power of art. Touching on many current issues, Inocente is a film that is both entertaining and enlightening.

To watch the full documentary, you can go to

About REACT to FILM:

RtF_cube_logo“The REACT to FILM network of college chapters aims to educate, inspire, and be a call to action for collegiate audiences on a monthly basis during the school year. Every month, REACT to FILM also curates a pre-theatrical, salon screening series of the year’s best new docs, to share these films and their important messages with friends, engage in an intimate discussion with inspiring filmmakers, and call the audience to action.” – REACT to FILM

There is currently no chapter for REACT to FILM at Pace University! If you are interested in getting involved or becoming a chapter leader, you can get more information here.


There are many ways to become involved and educated on these issues. Learn more about the topics addressed in Inocente by exploring the links below.