Giving and Gratitude: Volunteer this Thanksgiving Season [NYC]


Thanksgiving break begins just over one week from today! While many of us may be envisioning time with family, checking the weather three times a day for chances of snow, and overstuffing yourself with turkey (or tofurkey), there are many in our City who are not as fortunate this season. But that doesn’t mean they can’t have a great holiday, and you can help make that happen! Here are some volunteer opportunities in the next two weeks to help make this holiday truly meaningful by giving back.

Reduce Hunger

Food insecurity in New York City is still at an historically high level since the 2008 recession, with one in six residents and one in five children in the city living in homes that can’t afford enough food, according to federal data analyzed by NYC Coalition Against Hunger (NYC Service). Here are a few opportunities to get involved!

The following opportunities require a one-hour Orientation with New York Cares:

Celebrate Happy Holidays


At this time of year, clothing, food, and toys are more in demand than ever. Luckily, many Pace University students and organizations are running collection drives on the New York City campus, making it easy for you to help! Check out our updated blog post featuring all of the current collection drives happening right here at Pace.