Take Action! Help the Environment Daily! – Week 4

CCAR is celebrating Earth Month! This is a daily, month-long initiative by the Center for Community Action and Research. Be involved in our Digital Take Action campaign: learn environmental facts, sign online petitions, and be aware of different issues affecting us and the environment. These take actions will also be posted on our FACEBOOK & TWITTER pages. See below for this weeks take actions:      ________________________________________________________________________

Monday, April 22nd: Save New York Wildlife Rescue Center!

Wildlife in Need of Rescue and Rehabilitation (WINNOR) is a non-profit that rescues injured and sick wildlife in the New York City area. Among the animals they have saved are the offspring of Pale Male, the world famous Fifth Avenue Red Tail Hawk. Despite being a state and federally licensed wildlife rehabilitator in operation for over a decade, the Town of Oyster Bay, Long Island is threatening to shut WINORR down.


Tuesday, April 23rd: Let’s Repower New York with Solar Energy!

Re-powering New York with clean renewable energy is critical to combating climate change and reducing the frequency of severe storms like Superstorm Sandy. The NY-Sun Initiative is repowering the state, by funding solar research and ensuring solar power is affordable for everyone. In 2012, the NY-Sun Initiative doubled the number of solar panels installed on people’s roofs in New York State. And in 2013, the Initiative will double that number again – quadrupling the number of solar panels installed since 2011.


Wednesday, April 24th: Stop the murder of our Red Tail Hawks in NYC!

Please stop, The Museum of Natural History and Central Park Precinct from indirectly killing wildlife. In NYC we have the most beautiful and regal bird of all nesting in our parks and buildings. Yes, the Red-Tailed Hawk. We are privileged to be able to watch them build their nests, raise and lovingly care for their young all while enriching our lives in this urban jungle.


Thursday, April 25th: Kids Don’t Deserve Asthma: Take Action for Cleaner Tailpipes!

When a child walks to the bus stop, she should be worried about turning in her library book before the bell rings, or if she’ll get a swing at recess — not about whether she forgot her inhaler again. The EPA has proposed cleaner tailpipe standards that would lower the sulfur content in gasoline, reduce air pollution, save lives, and create jobs through new technology. But Big Oil doesn’t want to spend that extra penny per gallon, and is putting their private profit ahead of our public health.


Friday, April 26th: We Deserve to Know What’s in Fracking Chemical Cocktails

Fracking — a drilling process that uses pressure and a potent chemical cocktail to release natural gas from deep rock formations. Companies inject a proprietary mixture of chemicals into the ground as part of the extraction process. Other than a small number of employees, no one knows exactly what goes into the mixture, and under current law the government has no right to find out. Urge the environment department to require companies to disclose fracking cocktails to government officials to protect our health and the environment.


Saturday, April 27th: Take the ‘Don’t Buy Wild’ Pledge

The commercial trade in wild animals is a multi-billion dollar industry that threatens the survival of many species and results in the inhumane treatment of countless animals every year. Take the Don’t Buy Wild pledge and learn how you can avoid contributing to the illegal wildlife trade and animal suffering.


Sunday, April 28th: Speeding Up Clean Energy

Take social responsibility to urge companies to Invest in clean energy, not fossil fuel, not atomic energy, not coal, not oil. Now sign also to create credits to offset carbon!