CCAR’s Annual Paint A School Day

On the early morning of Saturday, October 13th, over thirty students from the Pleasantville and Briarcliff campuses got together with hard working spirits to help John Randolph P.S. 47 located in Bronx, NY. With help from students and members of NATURE Club and OLAS (Organization for Latin American Students) the annual Paint A School Day event was a success! Students broke off in teams and spread throughout the school to help in gardening, painting, and cleaning.

The Center for Community Action & Research has partnered with New York Cares every year to bring joy and renovations to city schools. Whether its a front lawn that needs to be mowed or a mural that needs to be made, students from Pace University are there every year to help.

When asking Kathleen Hachmeyer, a Business Marketing major at Pace what she thought about the trip, she recalled what the principal at PS 47 told volunteers, “Why would a school that is so vibrant need our help?…it makes sense because it needs a lot of upkeep to keep it so great”. As one of the partnering schools with New York Cares, PS 47 depends on volunteers to help every year in making the school vibrant for the faculty, students, and parents who want to see their children learn, grow, and succeed.

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