Each year, Pace University students, faculty, and staff contribute to their local and global communities through volunteering, service-learning (Civic Engagement courses), advocacy, activism, and non-profit internships.  Pace’s commitment to service and civic engagement has earned recognition through the Carnegie Classification of Institutions of Higher Education, Project Pericles, and the Jefferson Awards.

The Center for Community Action and Research would like to thank ALL of the members of the Pace community who have participated in events with us this year.  Join us in recognizing those who have gone above and beyond to attend multiple events, co-sponsor opportunities, host CCAR volunteers, and more…

CCAR Student Staff


  • Alejandra Batista, Outreach and New Media Projects Coordinator
  • Laurianne Gutierrez, Volunteer and Advocacy Projects Coordinator
  • Emma Beach, Vote Everywhere Ambassador
  • Erin Wilson, Vote Everywhere Ambassador 


  • Valerie Eristil, Student Projects Coordinator
  • Shaniya Francis, Student Outreach Coordinator
  • Noelani Rivera, Student Projects Coordinator
  • Emily Ambrocio, Voter Registration Intern
  • Jaida-Lee Colley, Voter Registration Intern
  • Jenny Marbella, Marketing Intern

Student MVPs

These Pace students attended at least two service, education, and/or advocacy events (in person or virtual!) with the CCAR this year, demonstrating an ongoing commitment to service and civic engagement.

If you have participated in two or more events with the CCAR in the 2019-2020 academic year and have not been added to this list, please email emysogland@pace.edu to be included!


  • Sarah Bachoo-Ali
  • Alejandra Batista
  • Emma Beach
  • Ara Begum
  • Natalie Bevilacqua
  • Tyler Burenbadrakh
  • Gab Decastro
  • Marisa Guillet
  • Laurianne Gutierrez
  • Duke Huang
  • Mahir Kamal
  • Maile Keilen
  • Rachel Moreno
  • Gresa Muriqi
  • Alyssa Nadeau
  • Carly Sullivan
  • Jillian Wienclaw
  • Erin Wilson


  • Emily Alfieri
  • Emily Ambrocio
  • Nicole Antoniello
  • Najma Bassam
  • Abigail Bonds
  • Jaida-Lee Colley
  • Natalie Cuneo
  • Kendra Dascano
  • Hildur Davidsdottir
  • Melissa Davis
  • Daniel DeMartis
  • Valerie Eristil
  • Ruth Febrillet
  • Shaniya Francis
  • Lauren Franke
  • Taylor Ganis
  • Gabriel Gazio
  • Daniella Harris
  • Olivia Hawkins
  • Emiliana Hokr
  • Bryan Hu
  • Cíara Kain
  • Hannah Katinsky
  • Emma Legacki
  • Christina Little
  • Kaidi Lopez
  • Pearl Luciano
  • Brandi Madina
  • Jenny Marbella
  • Francesca Mastroianni
  • Grainne Mcginley
  • Kristin McInerney
  • Greg Rivera
  • Noelani Rivera
  • Angela Sanginito
  • Ashley Schlemmer
  • Rachel Stemberga
  • Camilla Sibiga
  • Alexa Slack
  • Kayla Slusser
  • Jonathan Taylor

Alternative Spring Break Students

Although we did not get to go on Alternative Spring Break, in planning to do so these students showed exceptional commitment to our greater community!

  • Allison Bloom
  • Tyler Burenbadrakh
  • Mikayla De Leon
  • Samantha Ericson *student supervisor*
  • Cíara Kain
  • Olivia Laliberte
  • Christina Little
  • Kristin McInerney
  • Shelby Pickelny
  • Carson Riggle
  • Mary Sarantakes

FACES Students

These students served as teaching assistants in Civic Engagement courses! 

  • Zach Bartley
  • Silvia Blancamaria Dominguez
  • Noah Brennan
  • Alexandra D’Ambrosio
  • Jessica Claire Duque
  • Valerie Eristil
  • Jackie Fleury
  • Francesco Fontana
  • Duke Huang
  • Cíara Kain
  • Nicolle Lombardi
  • Anjali Mangal
  • Julius Marter
  • Olivia Mayer
  • Priscilla Omisore
  • Kamari Stewart
  • Breonna Taylor
  • Erin Wilson


We’d like to thank and recognize all of the wonderful departments, offices, student groups, and community organizations we’ve worked with this year!

Student Organizations and Pace Departments

  • Alinea
  • Art Department
  • Athletics
  • Birnbaum Library
  • Career Services
  • Christian Fellowship at Pace
  • Criminal Justice Department
  • Criminal Justice Society
  • Dean for Students Office
  • Department of Economics, History and Political Science
  • F.I.R.E
  • Gamma Sigma Sigma
  • Government and Community Relations
  • Honors
  • LGBTQ Center
  • MCVA
  • MPA Student Association
  • Office of Sexual and Interpersonal Wellness
  • OMA
  • Pace Chronicle
  • Peace and Justice Studies
  • Pi Sigma Alpha
  • Political Science Department
  • Political Science Society
  • Public Administration Department
  • Residential Life
  • SGA
  • Wilson Center for Social Entrepreneurship
  • Women and Gender Studies
  • Women’s Leadership Initiative
Community Organizations

  • A-Home
  • Andrew Goodman Foundation
  • ArtsWestchester
  • Beautiful Trouble
  • Earth Matter NY
  • El Centro Hispano
  • Feeding Westchester
  • Friends of Mount Pleasant Library
  • Hamilton Madison House
  • JCCA
  • Moms Demand Action
  • New Roots Community Farm
  • New York Cares
  • New York Common Pantry
  • NYC Service
  • OCA
  • Open Door Family Medical Center
  • Paws Crossed
  • Planned Parenthood
  • Project Pericles
  • Rockefeller State Park Preserve
  • Successful Learning Center
  • Volunteer! New York
  • Westchester Parks Foundation

Join us in the fall!

We look forward to continuing to work with old friends and meeting other members of the NYC and Westchester community passionate about civic engagement and social justice.  Stay in touch!  You can reach out to us at ccarny@pace.edu or ccarplv@pace.edu and stay up to date through our Instagram (@ccarnyc and @ccarplv) and Twitter (@ccarnyc and @ccarplv)!