Recapping #EverydayActivism2020

It is April 30th which means it is time for our 2020 Everyday Activism Challenge to come to a close!

Every April, we at the CCAR organize an Everyday Activism Challenge in which Pace students, staff, and faculty pledge to commit personal actions to have a positive environmental impact.  This year we expanded the challenge to include a variety of virtual actions and learning opportunities so that the Pace community can remain civically engaged during this time of social distancing. Utilizing social media, and Zoom of course, we shared daily challenges related to themes of community engagement, self-care, political engagement, and social justice.

Some highlights include our Vote Everywhere Ambassadors answering questions about absentee ballots and primary date changes over Instagram live, our final Pace Votes 2020 Info Session of the year, and our Q&A with the Office of Government and Community Relations about the CARES Act.

We are grateful to everyone who followed along, our student staff members for generating many exciting ideas, and our campus partners (particularly the Office of Government and Community Relations and the NYC Office of Sexual and Interpersonal Wellness) for offering points of collaboration throughout the month.

We look forward to seeing how the Pace community carries on the spirit of Everyday Activism 2020 beyond the month of April!