CE Course Spotlight: the Parenting, Prison, & Pups Program

Have you always wanted to know what it is like to work in a jail?  You can gain real world experience working in a corrections setting with Dr. Kimberly Collica-Cox, who directs the Criminal Justice department’s jail-based services.  Students can join CRJ 331 – Strategies in Corrections Administration – a civic engagement course – which involves students volunteering as teaching assistants in the Parenting, Prison, & Pups Program.  Students will join Dr. Collica as she teaches a parenting course to female prisoners that is integrated with animal assisted therapy.  This class is offered in Pleasantville in the Fall and NYC in the Spring.  Interested students may also register for CRJ 242 – Crime & Public Policy – which is an “Inside-Out” type course.  Our students take this class at the Westchester Jail with male and female prisoners.  This class is offered during the spring semester and is available to students on both campuses.  Please visit our new website to learn more about these exciting opportunities: https://ppp.blogs.pace.edu/​ and please like our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pg/Parentingprisonandpups/photos/?tab=album&album_id=109618020583358.     ​