Everyday Activism Challenge 2020

Every April, we at the CCAR organize an Everyday Activism Challenge in which Pace students, staff, and faculty pledge to commit personal actions to have a positive environmental impact.  This year, in light of COVID-19 and Pace’s move to remote learning, we are expanding our Everyday Activism Challenge to include advocacy, community building and self-care that you can do from wherever in the world you are social distancing! 

What’s our goal? 

We know that in times of stress and uncertainty, a sense of purpose can be a calming and motivating force.  We want to support the Pace community in taking meaningful and safe action on issues they care about. Using our experience and interests as a guide, we have compiled ideas for everyday activism you can easily do to remain engaged.  In bringing the Pace community together around issues we all care about, we hope to foster a sense of solidarity and develop skills that can be used to extend everyday activism beyond April 2020! 

How will it work? 

Every weekday in April we will be posting a daily challenge on our instagrams (@ccarnyc and @ccarplv).  These challenges will include quick advocacy-oriented to-dos, virtual events to attend, topics to learn about, and more!  

We encourage you to follow along with our challenge and send us pictures of you completing the tasks, or engaging in your own form of everyday activism!  You can post your photos on social media with #EverydayActivism2020 or send photos and/or thoughts to ccarny@pace.edu or ccarplv@pace.edu.  We will share experiences on our social media and blog throughout April! 

What topics will you be covering? 

The challenge covers broad themes of civic engagement, community building, and self-care.  Some days we will address Coronavirus specifically, but many we will not. Our CCAR staff, student staff members, and Vote Everywhere Ambassadors have begun creating our Everyday Activism 2020 calendar!  Take a look at the topics we will be covering in the first few weeks….

Have an idea for the challenge?  

Email us (ccarny@pace.edu or ccarplv@pace.edu) and we can work with you to include it in the challenge! 

Join the CCAR team in building a strong and engaged community through #EverydayActivism2020