Meet the Candidates: Pete Buttigieg

By Vote Everywhere Ambassadors, Erin Wilson & Emma Beach

Welcome to ‘Meet the Candidates’! Every week until the New York primary we will post all the information you need to know about the Democratic candidates. This week, learn about Mayor Pete Buttigieg.


  • Pete Buttigieg is a second-term mayor of South Bend Indiana. He was in the US Navy as a Reserve Officer from 2009-2017. He also did a seven-month tour in Afghanistan.

Political Views


  • Supports a single-payer healthcare system. Does not want to eliminate private insurance companies.
  • Would like to implement a plan for better mental health care, specifically targeting addiction.
  • Wants to lower drug prices.


  • Supports DACA
  • Opposed the border wall, but wants to increase security, including some sort of fencing.

Climate Change

  • Supports Carbon Tax
  • Wants to make jobs in the clean energy industry
  • Wants to rejoin the Paris Climate Agreement

Reproductive Rights

  • Wants to repeal the Hyde Amendment
  • Supports right to an abortion

LGBTQ+ Rights

  • Is an opening gay mayor
  • Supports the Federal Equality Act
  • Wants to have laws banning workplace discrimination


  • Wants to increase funding for historically black colleges
  • Supports debt free colleges for lower income students


  • Supports universal background checks
  • Supports banning military style weapons

Criminal Justice Reforms

  • Supports a plan including police reform.

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