PACE Students: Get Ready to Vote!

Tuesday, November 5th is Election Day!  We know voting can be confusing, especially for first time voters, so we’ve compiled some FAQs here.  We want to make voting as easy and enjoyable as possible for the Pace community!

Am I registered to vote? 

You can check if you are registered to vote HERE or by contacting your local Board of Elections.  If you aren’t registered to vote, or need to update your information, come to the CCAR in Choate 51W in Pleasantville or One Pace Plaza, Y31 in NYC, and we will get you registered in time for the next round of elections (Spring 2020 primaries)!

Where is my polling place? 

If you registered to vote with your Pleasantville campus address your polling place is Briarcliff High School.  The CCAR will be driving students to Briarcliff High School in our Voter Van all day on Election Day!  We will leave Choate House every half hour from 12-5.

For New York City students, find your polling place here! The CCAR will be tabling in One Pace Plaza on Election Day and walking students to their polling location.

What will be on my ballot? 

This year is local elections meaning on Election Day you will be voting for officials who implement policies that directly affect your community on a day-to-day basis.  In Pleasantville you will be voting for Council members, Town Supervisor, Town Clerk as well as some County wide positions. Learn more about the candidates HERE.

In NYC, in Pace’s district, there will be a few ballot measures that are on the ballot this November. Find out more by searching the address you are registered with HERE.

What do I need to bring when I go to vote? 

You should always bring a form of ID (license, social security, passport, etc.).  Other than that just an enthusiastic spirit!

What is this early voting thing? 

You might have heard that for the first time ever you can vote early in New York, not only on Election Day.  This makes it easier for people who are busy on Tuesday November 5th to vote.  Early voting runs from October 26th to November 3rd.  If you live on campus but are registered to vote elsewhere in New York this might be a great option for you, as we have class on Election Day.  You can learn more about early voting and where your polling place would be on this day HERE.

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How can I vote with an absentee ballot? 

If you can’t get to your polling place on Election Day, or during the early voting period, you can vote with an absentee ballot.  This means that the Board of Elections will send you a ballot that you can fill out and send back in the mail. In most states you have to APPLY to get an absentee ballot sent to you.  You need to do this soon – deadlines for this are rapidly approaching!  Come to the CCAR for help applying for an absentee ballot or for a stamp to mail in your application or ballot!

Wait, when is the Presidential election? 

November 5th is local elections.  Then this Spring we turn our attention to the 2020 Presidential election!  In the Spring the Democratic and Republican parties will hold primaries to choose their candidates for President.  If you want to register to vote in a primary you need to be registered for that party. To update your voter registration to include a party, or to register for the first time, come to the CCAR in Choate 51W for Pleasantville or One Pace Plaza Y31 for New York City.  Finally, November 2020 is the Presidential election.

What if I can’t vote? 

People who aren’t US citizens, people under 18, and in some states, people who have been incarcerated, cannot vote.  However, that doesn’t mean you can’t be politically active! Encourage your friends to vote for candidates whose values align with your own!  Join in the CCAR’s voter registration work! Share your story and use it to encourage others to engage in politics!


Email PLV Program Coordinator Erin ( or NYC Program Coordinator Vandana ( with any voting related questions!