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Week Two of “Earth Day Every Day”

Three years ago for CCAR’s Everyday Activism challenge I chose to try out veganism and have been a “95% vegan” ever since! (Admittedly, I occasionally have a MilkyWay bar or donut!) My mission this week was to educate others on how easy it is to be earth- and animal-friendly with regard to what we eat, while also being healthier! Consider the following facts about going vegan:

  • Vegans spare the lives of about 30 animals each year.
  • Being vegan cuts your carbon footprint in half.
  • Vegans live longer.
  • Vegans save 1,100 gallons of water each day.
  • Vegans are less likely to die from heart disease.
  • Vegans save 45 pounds of grain each day.
  • Vegans are less likely to have a stroke.

Most people think vegans can only eat vegetables!! Wrong!! Virtually the only aisle in a supermarket that we avoid is the meat/seafood section!! And for the meat and dairy-lovers, there are literally tons of alternatives which are just as delectable! The food possibilities and recipes we can pull from are nearly endless, delicious, and super-healthy!

As wonderful as veganism is, it is NOT everyone’s cup of tea and many are not interested in cutting out meat, fish, and dairy every single day of their lives! But that’s not necessary!! Why not just cut it out ONE or perhaps two day a week? You’d still make a huge difference! Consider the popular international campaign, Meatless Monday. Meatless Monday encourages people to not eat meat on Mondays to improve their health and the health of 

the planet. On average, Americans consume 8 ounces of meat per day – 45% more than the USDA recommends. Going meatless once a week can reduce your risk of chronic preventable conditions like cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and obesity. It can also help limit your carbon footprint and save precious resources like fresh water and fossil fuel. And, by subscribing to the Meatless Monday newsletter, every Monday you’ll get some wonderful recipes along with fun facts about health and the environment!  For information on how to get involved, receive their newsletter, find out which celebrities endorse it (like Oprah, Paul McCartney and oodles of others!) go to: MeatlessMonday.com or contact them at: info@meatlessmonday.com. Give it a try…what have you have everything to gain (money in your wallet, your health, environmental and animal protection, etc.) and nothing to lose, except your ever-increasing carbon footprint! Remember…eating in a sustainable, healthful manner does not have to be all or nothing…it can be somewhere in between to make a real difference! Check out these top 5 Benefits of Meatless Mondays and you will be hooked:










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