Everyday Activism Challenge 2019


This April join the team members of CCAR and the Vote Everywhere Ambassadors, students, staff, and faculty members will be pledging to commit to one personal action – either a daily habit or weekly action – to lessen their contributions to climate change or to have a positive environmental impact.

What’s the Point?

Issues like climate change can often feel overwhelming, even for those who feel deeply invested in preserving our planet and alleviating the many environmental and social impacts of our changing environment. From CAFOs to plastic pollution in the world’s oceans, activists across the globe are tackling some of those many facets from both the personal and policy perspectives, but we all play an important role in the daily choices we make. For example, Americans discard more than 30 million tons of plastic a year, and consume an unsustainable amount of meat while wasting up to 40% of the food grown, processed and transported in the U.S. By changing how we live, we can become “everyday activists”; by joining together, we can make a change.

Take #OneSmallStep for Positive Environmental Impact!

Choose your everyday activism challenge! Need inspiration? Find ideas on sites like DoSomething.org or the UN’s website.

  1. Commit to your challenge! Sign our pledge to make it official. Take the Pledge
  2. Stay motivated! Post at least once a week on social media to share your progress throughout the month of April.
  3. See how others are doing on their challenges, read our posts on fellow challengers and share the love by giving us a like, tagging us in your photos, and sharing our posts on your wall. Use the hashtags #OneSmallStep, #EverydayActivismChallenge, and #ActiveCitizen!  You can find us on Twitter and Instagram @ccarnyc or @ccarplv and Facebook at /CCARNYC or /CCARPLV, Check out our Vote Everywhere Ambassadors on Twitter @AGFpaceuni.

Take the Pledge today to sign up, and get started with an intro post. We can’t wait to see the impact you make this month!

Join the CCAR team and the Vote Everywhere Ambassadors in taking #OneSmallStep towards sustainable living with #EverydayActvismChallenge!