NYC Voters – Public Advocate Election is Tues., Feb. 26th.

By Kealy Costigan, Vote Everywhere Ambassador


NYC voters, did you know that you have an opportunity to vote this month? On February 26th there is a special election in New York City. The Public Advocate position is currently vacant. The former New York City Public Advocate whose name you may recognize, Letitia James left the job and is now the New York State Attorney General. The Public Advocate is second in line to the mayor and acts as a watchdog to all New York City agencies.

The Public Advocate seat is important because if the mayor is unable to perform their duties, they are able to step in. The newly elected Public Advocate will act as your legal representation to city government. The office has the power to investigate complaints about city agencies and services. Additionally, they can make recommendations, and introduce or co sponsor bills in City Council. The Public Advocate office also has a reputation of being a stepping stone into bigger elected positions. Like the former Letitia James, and Mayor DeBlasio.

The race for Public Advocate is competitive, there are fifteen candidates. To learn who these candidates are, there top issues, and previous experience, click here. The New York City Campaign Finance Board provides non-partisan information. This website is also a great resource for all things related to voted. For example, finding your polling place. There also will be a televised debate on February 20th on local news channels.

To keep up to date on elections in New York City, the city provides text updates you can sign up for. Text NYCVOTES to 1-917-979-6377 to keep up. Also follow @andrewgoodman_Pace on instagram and @AGFpaceuni on twitter for voting news and civic engagement opportunities! If you have any other questions, do not hesitate to email us at