Transgender Day of Remembrance

Transgender Day of Remembrance/ Nov 20th. Today, we remember and honor transgender people around the world whose lives have been lost to anti-transgender violence.


Transgender Day of Remembrance

Transgender Day of Remembrance honors individuals whose lives were taken by acts of anti-transgender violence. Every year, since November 20, 1999, vigils have been held to remember transgender men and women who have been murdered.

It is a day that highlights the frequency of bigotry and violence the transgender and gender nonconforming (t/gnc) community faces. It is a vigil – a day to remember and say the names of those we lost this year.

It is a call-to-action, a call for allies and advocates to stand with their t/gnc friends, family, coworkers, and neighbors.

What YOU Can Do

Do you want to get involved and support the transgender community? It’s easy.

Stop By the Transgender Day of Remembrance Display on Campus

A Photograph of Jessica Rubi Mori, 32, La Romana Dominican Republic pasted on a kite. Remembered on TDOR 2017.

LGBTQA & Social Justice Center TDOR Kite, 11/20/2017. Photo Credit: Victoria Gonzalez, CCAR Program Coordinator.

Today, Pace University and the LGBTQA & Social Justice Center honors Transgender Day of Remembrance (TDOR). Check out their social media for posts throughout the day and join them for their Holiday Potluck on Thursday, 12/6 from 3:30-5:30 pm in the SDACA lounge to help create their annual TDOR art display, in which you and the Center will create kites to honor every t/gnc person lost by acts of violence.

Student Activism

“At least 28 transgender people, mostly transgender women of color, were killed in 2017 – a firearm was involved in more than half of these incidents.”
– EveryTown For Gun Safety
Image: We, The Students of America, Are Taking a Stand Against Gun Violence. Be a Part Of The Movement.

EveryTown Photo

Vote Everywhere at Pace is working with students and student organizations on a campaign against gun violence. Gun violence affects everyone – but YOU can make a difference and #BreakThePattern. Email for more information and to get involved.

LGBTQ+ youth activists are already leading the charge against gun violence. Learn how here.


Here are some petitions that support transgender rights. Learn more about them:

Call Your Representatives

If this is an issue you are invested in, consider calling your representatives:

  • is an simple tool to find and call your representatives on policy issues you care about.

Listen, Learn, Speak Up

Image result for Trans ally (Hands are raised, palms up) Photo

  • Respect pronouns, ask for pronouns, give out your pronouns. Take the pledge to be more gender inclusive!
  • Use #WontBeErased#TransIsBeautiful, and other hashtags on social media to express your support for the trans community.
  • Review and share this list of Transgender Resources. They include mental health resources and transgender programs and organizations. If you are interested, reach out to these organizations to volunteer!
  • Check out more tips for allies.

You Are Never Alone.

Our campus is a safe space. Reach out to:

Please reach out to the following resources if you are in crisis: