What are they reading?  Post-Election Day 2018 Edition.

What are they reading? Post-Election Day 2018 Edition.

Hello all!  As we all begin to assess our new political landscape this day after Election Day, the CCAR asked some faculty that that work with our office and those that teach in our Political Science department in NYC to share some of the articles they are reading today.  The following is what we heard…

“We’re Finally Going to Have Native American Women in Congress” by Jennifer Bendery in the Huffington Post, submitted by Dr. Pamela J Fuentes, Assistant Professor, Women’s and Gender Studies.

Dr. Fuentes tells us, “Congress met for the first time in 1789, more than 200 years ago, and this is the very first time Native American women have been elected! Deb Halaand and Sharice Davids, members of the Laguna Pueblo tribe and the Ho-Chunk nation won last night.”

“In Rebuke of Trump, Democratic Women Help Seize House and 7 Governorships in Historic Midterms” from Democracy Now,  and “Ten Takeaways From the Midterm Elections” by Joshua Jamerson in the Wall Street Journal, submitted by Dr. Amy L. Freedman, Professor & Chair of the Political Science department.

Dr. Freedman tells us, “I’m picking two articles that I think give good bang for the buck (of reading time) and which help me to think about the implications of the election for representation, for improving the quality of democracy, accountability, and policy making.”

“The Midterm Results Gave Everybody Just Enough to Keep Fighting” by Ryan Grim and “In Victory, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Showed That Authentic Progressive Values Can Redefine Political Reality” by Briahna Gray, each for The Intercept_, submitted by Dr. Satish Kolluri, Associate Professor in Communication Studies.