Students Reflect: Christina Bubba on the March for Our Lives

Students Reflect: Christina Bubba on the March for Our Lives

When is it your turn to take a stand; to participate and show support in something that you believe in? I have avoided this question most of my life. Thinking that there was no reason for me to participate in something such as a rally, march, or peaceful protest.

I never had strong opinions about policies and I was ok living my indifferent life. It wasn’t until school shootings became prominent that I ever thought much about gun control. With a brother in high school, hearing stories of loss became unbearable for me.

Not feeling like I had a good enough reason to attend such a prominent event, I was hesitant about joining the March for Our Lives that took place in Washington, D.C. last Saturday afternoon. I decided to go as an observer, to show support and see how others were taking a start and I am so glad I went. A peaceful protest like this has so many positive qualities.

There were people with positive signs, funny signs, negative signs, and signs telling a part of their story. There were people who were there observing and others who had an agenda. The important part was that everyone believed in one thing. that children are more important than gun ownership. This specific student-run rally brought hundreds of thousands of Americans together in one spot to show support of tighter gun control.

There were student speakers from Parkland High School in Florida, along with several celebrity appearances and performances. Musical performers included: Miley Cyrus, Ariana Grande, Jennifer Hudson, and Demi Lovato. Major celebrities who marched included: George Clooney, Jimmy Fallon, and Cher.

My experience at the March for Our Lives taught me that it is always a good idea to go support something that you believe in. It taught me that you don’t have to have a personal reason to be there other than to show your support. So next time there is an event like this taking place and you are unsure of how to take action, just go. I will not regret leaving my comfort zone to become an activist, and you won’t either.