Student Spotlight: Timothy Luis Martinez ’19

Timothy Luis Martinez is a third-year student with an interest in local politics and a passion for making a difference. Read more to find out what he does for the Pace community!

Year of Graduation: 2019

Major: Criminal Justice



The smallest things make the largest changes in our community.


What exactly do you do with CCAR?

My position is Community Outreach Extraordinaire. I basically handle the outreach between the Pace community, our office, and [others] outside of Pace University. I keep you guys connected to pretty much everything. I send out emails. I get people signed up for events going off-campus, on-campus, and I think of ideas for Common Hour Conversations to engage the Pace community.

How did you get involved with CCAR?

I started out doing a lot of community service my freshman year with CCAR. I just really liked what they were doing. At some point, Tyler Kalahar said there was an open position and that since I have a lot of experience doing community service with them, I should apply.

What does being involved in your community mean to you?

It means making a difference. The smallest things make the largest changes in our community. We have to start small to make big changes happen and I feel like we get that done by just making people aware of different factors going on in global news. So the Common Hour Conversations, the little bits of community service we do — all of it comes together at some point and that’s why I really love working with CCAR.

What does CCAR itself mean to you?

CCAR represents change; change that’s necessary in our country. On every college campus, they need some form of outreach to keep the community connected with what’s going on in the outside world and motivate them to make a change. I believe our office symbolizes change.

What are some things you’ve done with CCAR or on your own time as a student leader and advocate?

At home, my mother is involved in politics. She does little things like helping out other politicians or candidates. She attempted to run early in the summer. Typically, on my own time when I’m home, I help them with little things, grassroots [work]: getting the community involved, making people aware of who the candidates are, what they stand for. Local politics is my area.


Be sure to stop by any CCAR events and say hi to Tim!