Student Spotlight: Lizzie Frisher ’19

Lizzie Frisher is a third-year student at Pace with a history of giving back. She’s done everything from volunteering while on vacation with family in Costa Rica to volunteering for the Republican State Committee in high school. Read more to find out about what Lizzie does with CCAR to make a difference in her community.



Year of graduation: 2019

Major: Marketing

Minor: Communications


What exactly do you do with the office of Community Action and Research (CCAR)?

I volunteer with the Marketing & Outreach Committee. So one of my jobs is to create posters for the voter van.

How did you get involved with CCAR?

I got an email to apply to be a part of the Marketing & Outreach Committee. I was involved with CCAR on the New York City campus as well so I had some prior knowledge on what they do.

Why CCAR? What made you decide you wanted to work with them?

I enjoy doing the marketing things like making posters and it does help that it is something that looks nice on my resume.

What does being involved in your community mean to you? How important is it to you?

To me, being involved in my community means helping others. I went on a trip to Costa Rica with my family and one of the days that we were there, we volunteered to help underprivileged families. My whole life, my parents have tried to give me everything I wanted and needed so to see people who don’t have as much was a very eye-opening experience.