Student Spotlight: F. Lubash ’21

F. Lubash is a first-year student with an interest-turned-passion for politics after the recent presidential election. Read more on what they’re doing at Pace and in their community to increase the amount of young voters.

Year of graduation: 2021

Major: Undecided but leaning toward either English/Communications or Global Studies


Civic engagement is very important and people our age don’t really get involved [as much as they should]


What exactly do you do with the office of Community Action and Research (CCAR)?

I am a member of the Political Action Committee. So far, my job has just been to get people registered to vote, remind them to vote, and provide transportation to polling stations.

How did you get involved with CCAR?

I met Tyler [Kalahar] through Rachel Simon and spoke with him at the Involvement Fair. Tyler explained to me what exactly it is that CCAR does and told me about the position they were trying to fill (the one I currently have). I decided to apply for it and here I am.

Why CCAR? What made you decide you wanted to work with them?

After the election last year, I got really interested in politics. I’ve always been aware of what was going on but the election made me realize how few people voted. I worked at polling stations and became aware of the fact that almost no one our age voted and those that did were dragged there by their parents. Civic engagement is really important and people our age don’t really get involved [as much as they should].

What does being involved in your community mean to you? How important is it to you?

To me, on some level, it means understanding the issues on a local, state, and national level. Yes, you have to be aware of the issues going on in your home community but, you also reside at a university for many months, so you need to know what’s going on in that community as well.

Since you work with CCAR, you know their values, mission, and goals. What does all of that mean to you?

CCAR is about bettering the community around you. For the next 4 years, Pleasantville is my community so my job is to better it for the people who will come after me.


We can’t wait to see the great things they do in their time at Pace!