Jenny Marbella, the Center for Community Action and Research's new Marketing Intern!

Jenny Marbella: CCAR PLV’s Brand New Marketing Intern!

We would like you to give a warm welcome to the Center for Community Action and Research’s new Marketing Intern, Jenny Marbella! Please give her a high five when you see her around campus this summer while she works as an Orientation Leader or introduce yourself at our Take Action Tabling Events in Pleasantville.

Below you’ll find out more about Jenny and why she is a great addition to our team!

What do you view yourself as a primary advocate for?

  • I feel that it is important to be an advocate for LGBTQ+ rights and educate people in our community about the importance of gender pronouns, the different kinds of sexuality, and being open minded and inclusive to everyone in the community.

Jennifer Marbella is an advocate for the LGBT+ community

What do you want to do after you graduate from Pace University?

  • After college, I’m going to look into joining the Peace Corps to not only educate myself about what is happening around the world, but also gain ideas on how to further help those developing countries. Eventually, I hope to open my own successful philanthropic business that gives back to the community, such as Toms and Warby Parker.

What did you want your career to be when you were a child?

  • When I was little, I always wanted to see a singer. You could always catch me putting on performances for my family or entertaining guests. It’s probably no surprise that my favourite toy was the karaoke machine!

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