My first week of my everyday activism challenge went wonderfully. I created a Facebook page dedicated to promoting positivity in life and within the Pace campus. I committed to a single act of kindness every day for the month of April. For the first day of my random acts of kindness, I made posters where you can take what you need! Simply rip off a word or phrase that you need the week! Words such as kindness, strength, luck on a test and peace. I loved watching people from every floor in alumni rip off a word and put it in their pockets. I even heard people were passing around the phrase “good luck on a test” before an exam. It made me feel so great! On the second day, I wrote a letter to my sister to tell her how much I care about her and to thank her for everything she has done for me. The third day I donated $20 to Make A Wish on Bingo Night. The fourth day I decided to give packages to the mailroom filled with snacks to thank them for their service. And the 5th, 6th and 7th day I thanked the military for their bravery, wrote cards to children with various illnesses at the hospital and thanked alumni hall security for keeping us safe with little care packages. The response I have had to these acts of kindness were amazing! So many people thanked me and are getting involved themselves. Even my dad performed a random act of kindness by helping an old woman with a flat tire! It has made me stop taking for granted the small things in life. Tomorrow I plan on volunteering during Setters Day of Service.

I am so excited for my future acts of kindness!