Turn Your “Passion To Action”: 5 Reasons To Attend the D4D Activist Workshop

Turn Your “Passion To Action”: 5 Reasons To Attend the D4D Activist Workshop

By Nelli Agbulos, Student Volunteer & Advocacy Projects Coordinator (NYC)

Activism is more than a #hashtag; it’s a movement. While grassroots activism campaigns utilize social media as part of their journey to radical change, their actions go beyond the computer screen. The movers and shakers of this world get stuff done thanks to PEOPLE-power.

12568948_1020551551338093_1557601230_nNext Friday February 19th, Project Pericles at Pace University and the Center for Community Action and Research (CCAR) is hosting “From Passion To Action: D4D Activist Workshop.” This is a one-day workshop led by Naomi Long, an activist who has organized winning direct action campaigns on issues such as the DREAM Act, alternatives to incarceration, and public education reform. I’ve attended three D4D workshops in the past and Naomi’s session has been my favourite because Naomi is a firecracker. She brings energy to the room and makes people get up on their feet. Most importantly, Naomi talks about activism in a way that reminds us that the overarching solution to change political systems comes from empowering others and finding strength in numbers.

As a self-identified introvert, I initially didn’t like being put on the spot when Naomi called on me to do an activity, but I overcame that fear of “not having anything smart to say” when I realized that my opinion (supported with good reason and evidence) has political authority. I’m grateful to have attended those D4D Activist Workshops because they gave me a strong foundation of advocacy skills for my personal activist experiences, such as creating #PaceUEndRape and improving sections of the Generation Citizen at Pace classroom curriculum.

You can’t complain about the world if you’re not willing to do anything about it. On that thought, here are five reasons to attend the D4D Activist Workshop:

  1. You Get to Practice What’s Being Preached
    Most workshop events are lectures where people sit down, take notes, and shuffle their feet. At D4D, note-taking is kept to the bare minimum since the workshop emphasizes student collaboration. You’ll learn advocacy tools and tactics, AND practice them with your peers.
  2. You’ll Learn That Your Emotions are Your Strengths
    Your emotions and thoughts are intertwined in more ways than you think. At D4D, Naomi will discuss different ways of how to constructively use your anger and frustration as “energy fuel” for your community organizing.
  3. Connect with Activists and Volunteers in NYC
    While this event is being hosted on our campus, we have students from Pace University’s Pleasantville campus and The New School joining us. We also have a small group of high school students representing Generation On, a local non-profit organization. Hence, you’ll meet new people and become friends with other like-minded social justice individuals.
  4. This Workshop is for Everyone
    You don’t have to be a Political Science or Peace and Justice Studies Major to attend this event. Whether you have an interest in advocacy work, coalition building, and effective communications strategy, the skills you’ll learn at this workshop are applicable to students of all majors. You have a brain and a voice to express your thoughts – so why not learn how to use them effectively for sustainable organizing?
  5. Free Breakfast and Lunch
    Yes, we will feed you (healthy) food.

The final deadline to register is Friday, February 12th, so be sure to claim your spot ASAP! Registration is free for Pace University students. Click here to register, and please contact Daniel Botting, Associate Director, at dbotting@pace.edu with any questions.