Westchester Land Trust: Tree Huggers Welcomed !

This weekend Pace University took a trip to help out the non profit organization Westchester Land Trust to plant trees in a park that was donated by the residents of South Salem in order to save this property of 120 acres  to save the land and keep the beautiful town from over population.

When I realized how the park was saved I found it very intriguing that a community got together and saved this property because the only way to make a difference in your community is to come together as an actual community and make a change which is what this community did.

What the volunteers did was help the park have more trees and make it look beautiful again. What I did personally was try to remove the rose thorns from the paths that was dedicated for hikers and also for the horses that walk through the paths. I also spread mulch along the pathways in order for hikers and walkers to know where the walking path is.

I really enjoyed this event because it was an active and fun way for students like myself to help make a difference in a community.