“I look forward to learning about the community that we will be helping throughout the week.” ASB Day 1: Cesar Ballesteros, Jessica Raja, & Tiffany Pabon


Cesar Ballesteros

Today was the first day of our ASB journey. We spent the majority of the day getting to know our fellow volunteers by playing icebreakers, going on adventurous scavenger hunts, and exploring downtown with one another. Today was a very long day, and I’m excited to have met most of my fellow “volunteer-mates.” I hope to gain confidence with them and commence a friendship with all of them as the week progresses. I’m excited to begin our first day tomorrow with Friends of Rockaway, I look forward to learning about the community that we will be helping throughout the week. I’m also looking forward to start our work and get a lot done together while having fun. Overall, it’s been a great start to what seems like is going to be a week to remember!


Jessica Raja

Today was a great start to my ASB experience. I made a lot of new friends that I probably would not have met if I did not participate in this volunteer event. We watched a very interesting documentary that put a face to the story and made me really think about how beneficial and meaningful what we’re doing truly is. I’m so excited to get started tomorrow morning and make a difference in the Rockaways!

Tiffany Pabon

ASB is off to a great start! Today I made new friends and got to know the people in this group better through ice breakers, a scavenger hunt, and spending time together walking through the city and being in our rooms. I can’t wait to see the excitement that the rest of the week brings!