Video Wednesday: Catcalling

It’s #VideoWednesday!

Check out these videos addressing the issue of catcalling:

1. Street Harassment

The first of these videos, one that has been quite popular lately, depicts a woman silently strolling through NYC for 10 hours and consistently receiving unwanted attention. DISCLAIMER: This video has been criticized for its racial undertones. 




2. CNN Cat Call Response

The street harassment video generated a lot of debate and media attention, including this debate featured on CNN about the cat-calling video and the issues relevant to the video. Do these people qualify as experts? Are they simply yelling over each other? Should women take these cat-calls as compliments? Would women not mind cat-calling if the men were attractive or “classy?” Was the last video inaccurate?

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NZCATCALL3. Aukland Cat Calling Re-creation

This clip comes to us all the way from New Zealand, where the New Zealand Herald re-created the cat-calling experiment within Auckland.  Many have said that the lack of harassment is due to the gender equality promoted in New Zealand society. What do you think?


4. Jessica William’s Feminized AtmosphereUntitled

For our final video, we have the always wonderful Jessica Williams discussing cat-calling! Williams makes the very important point that street harassment happens EVERYWHERE within NYC, from people of ALL backgrounds. Williams also shows the extreme nature of the comments women are subjected to.

What do you think? Any videos you think should be shared? Comment below, and share the video you liked (or disliked) most with the #VideoWednesday for us to share with your ideas!