Spring Into Service at the Atria

This past Saturday a group of students volunteered at the local Atria, located in Briarcliff Manor. While a couple of students played Bingo with residents there were a select few who went downstairs where the patients with Alzheimer were being taken care of. Most of these patients have lived long and fulfilling lives but unfortunately are forgetting all that they’ve done, and then some. Donna, the adviser in charge of these patients, says they are unlearning even the simplest things such as which utensil to use while eating. Despite this, these patients are usually great to be around. Particularly my favorite would have to be Mary Francis! Although she doesn’t usually hang around as long as the others while she is hanging out she is full of light humor and fun dance moves! She is often seen making silly faces at the other residents but whenever there is a mess to clean up Mary Francis is the first to be there. Then there’s Bob. Bob is a war veteran who is often found cat calling at the women. The only male, and most active participant Bob definitely sets the mood for those who get the pleasure of working downstairs. These are just a few of the patients that live at the Atria, and regardless of the amount of people and time they are always thankful to see new faces.


I look forward to working with them in the future.

Rachel Aviles.