Time to Rebuild after Superstorm Sandy – Pace ASB14 Day 1

1896866_10152048277787879_1003119727_nA day that is usually unified by beer and festivities began differently for 15 Pace University students. The journey began by basic introductions and icebreakers, familiarizing the students from both the NYC and Pleasantville campuses. Dr. Bolton, a political science professor, came to speak to the group regarding his article   “Security for Whom? Putting a Human Face on Resilience.” He encouraged critical thinking by asking one simple question, “Is our help, the help they really need?” It challenged us to reflect on why we are really here and how this journey can help clarify our purpose.

 Dr. Bolton shared with us his nine words for thought; Constancy, Conversation, Companionship, Compassion, Contemplation, Consciousness/Conscience, Comfort, Community, and Commitment. During our trip, we hope to define these words as our own.

After Dr. Bolton spoke we made our way to the NY Aquarium, where we discovered how natural disasters affect marine life and its inhabitants. The day ended with a trip to Applebee’s and an early night of reflection.

 Collectively our goal is to build resiliency within the Rockaway community. It would be far too easy to help rebuild homes that were lost during Sandy. But would those homes be able to withstand another super storm? Would the Rockaways be more resilient in the case of another natural disaster? Building the Rockaways back better will instill confidence and resilience in the community and empower those to feel safe in their own homes again.

Paris Hanson

Elena Ramos

Brandon Tompkins