The Successful Learning Center

If you don’t know by now, the Successful Learning Center (SLC) is an awesome group of college aged students with developmental disabilities who take their own classes at Pace. If you check out their website ( you’ll see that the program describes itself as: collegiate-based learning opportunities for adults with developmental disabilities. You may have seen the students eating their lunch in Setter’s Lounge in Kessel.

                I developed a passion for these young adults when we started volunteering with them here at the CCAR. We run monthly programs to help these students feel like a part of the Pace community. On Tuesday, for example, we had volunteers come hang out with SLC students and we all made Valentine’s Day cards to donate to Blythedale Children’s hospital. I am also an academic mentor for the program, where I work one on one with a student during her classes.

From what I understand, some Pace students can be intimated with the idea of volunteering with people with disabilities. I’ll be honest; when I first got involved with SLC, I was as well. However, I challenge you to get outside your comfort zone; I promise you’ll be in for an amazing experience. These students are so vibrant and excited to be at Pace. At the end of the day they’re regular college students – just like you and me. They want to develop friendships with their fellow students. When you started college, isn’t that what you wanted?

Working with the Successful Learning Center has truly changed my life. It’s opened my eyes up to experiences I would have never imagined myself taking part in when I started college. It’s helped me grow as a person and better understand the world around me.


For more information on SLC, you can contact us at and we’ll point you in the right direction.