Alternative Spring Break


An Opportunity to Make A Difference

Each year, up to 16 students from Pace University’s New York City and Pleasantville campuses are selected to participate in the annual Alternative Spring Break program with a focus on a specific issue. This year’s ASB will be a continuation of last year, with volunteers working on post-disaster recovery to help fellow New Yorkers who are still struggling to rebuild after the devastating impacts of Superstorm Sandy.

New York City still hasn’t fully recovered from the horrors of the Superstorm Sandy that took place in the fall of 2012 due to the vast magnitude of the storm. Here is an overview of the impact of Superstorm Sandy in numbers:

  • 366,000 structures were damaged in New York City
  • 1,514,147 in New York had lost power

Alternative Spring Break is a unique opportunity for students who want to contribute their time toward helping impacted families. ASB doesn’t just expose participants to volunteerism; students also learn about the core components of the issue through educational means such as panel discussions, hearing from activists/speakers, watching documentaries, and taking part in interactive simulations.

Alternative Spring Break allows students to critically think about the issue in hand and witness the challenges that are being faced by the affected community members. Afterward, students take their ASB experience and further disseminate the information by sharing their knowledge with classmates, professors, friends and family members.

In order to take part in ASB, all interested students must attend one of our mandatory information sessions. We will be going over the application procedure in detail.

INFO Session Detail:

DATES: Friday, February 7th & Monday, February 10th
Time: 12:15 pm
Location: E319 (NYC), Miller 16 (PLV)

RSVP: Email or with your name, email, and the date of the session you are interested in attending.

Still not convinced  that  Alternative Spring Break is for you? Read blog posts from last year’s participants here to learn more about their experiences, and view photos from ASB ’13 on Facebook.

Any questions can be directed to (NYC) or (PLV).