Our Upcoming Take Action Tabling Event

Recently, one of my sorority sisters badly sprained her ankle and has been on crutches for a couple days. Now we were making our way from the third floor of Dow to our cafeteria Bressel (Briarcliff Kessel) and my sister was having a really hard time making it up and down the stairs. Two specific comments were made that I had to share with the staff of CCAR to ensure our upcoming tabling event was relevant, and necessary. The first being “Does Dow have a secret elevator?” Hopping on one leg up and down the stairs can be quite a work out, and “getting in shape” seems to be a new trend now a days, however; my sister didn’t seem too pleased with the fact that only one of her legs was really getting any exercise. But it brings up a great point. How many residential halls are handicapable on campus? The answer is 1: North Hall located on Pleasantville. This gives our permeately handicapped students only one option for housing, as well as an out of the way route to get to their rooms. Just a little something to notice. And the second comment, and this one really hit the nail on the head: “Why isn’t Pace more handicapable?” This comment was made after she had conquered the stairs of Dow, but was painfully making her way down the round about staircase to the cafeteria. (It was raining to walking down using the outside pathway wasn’t much of an option.)

What a great point she had made? Why isn’t Pace more handicapable? Up until this point I’ve seen only two students who need alternative routes, or elevators. But how many students do you see on campus who have sprained their ankle? Torn their ACL and are wearing a brace? How many athletes get injured on the regular and need a more convenient and less painful path to their room? Does our lack of handicapable access turn away students who love Pace but know that getting around would be way too hard, and take away from their education? Most importantly, how many students realize this issue on campus? And how can we bring more awareness to our campus?

WELL, November 5, 2013,  next Wednesday, CCAR will be tabling in Kessel during common hour giving students the opportunity to experience the difficulities of NOT being able bodied on this campus. A wheelchair will be avaialble, as well as other disabilities and students will have to behave according to a disability  and then try to maneuvuer their way around Kessel. They will return back to the table and share their experience about the difficulties they had, as well as what was convenient for them.