Pace Votes 2013 – Are You Ready, NYC?

1. Learn more about the candidates. In order to be an educated voter and choose the candidate who will best represent you and your interests, it’s important to learn as much as you can about what they stand for! Check out some of these great resources for New York City’s 2013 elections:











2. Find your polling site. The New York City Board of Elections website has a poll site locator, as well as a mobile app that can help you find the latest information about your polling site. Outside of NYC, you can find your polling site by searching your address at Here are a few of the most common polling sites for Pace students:

If you are planning to vote via absentee ballot, the deadline to request a ballot is Tuesday, October 29th. To request a ballot, visit your county or state’s Board of Elections website and find, download, and mail the request form from there.

3. Write down November 5th on your calendar, and don’t forget to get out and vote! Polling sites are generally open between 6am and 9pm on election day, but double check with your Board of Elections to be sure.