Guest Blog Post: How to Plan a Service Event Review!

Special thanks to our first guest blogger, Heidi Clorofilla!

On October 2nd I attended CCAR’s “How to Plan a Service Event.” The event started with a PowerPoint, with all the major points of what to do for planning a service event. Going into this session I had no clue about how to plan an event. I learned so much throughout the presentation, that I now feel confident planning a service event. I know to use to find organizations to work with; how to arrange transportation and food; the best way to promote my event; and using surveys to find out if the event was successful or not.

During the event the participants were asked to plan a mock service event. I found this helpful because now I know what criteria I need to go over before I plan an event. The women hosting the event also helped the group learn not only how to plan a service event, but also how to carry it out, and what to do to follow up on it. I never would have thought to use surveys after an event, but I think it’s a great way to get feedback and determine whether you will do a similar event in the future.

I will definitely attend other events by CCAR because this event was well planned and I learned a lot of important information I can use with my organization in the future.