Continuing the Conversation on Syria

Professor Matthew Bolton speaking to students about the current events in Syria.On Thursday, September 26th, over 65 Pace University students joined Professor Matthew Bolton in an hour-long discussion about the current events in Syria. Students had the opportunity to learn about some of the many complex issues surrounding Syria’s civil war and the potential for U.S. intervention, as well as to discuss larger questions – for example, when we are asking what we should do about Syria, who is “we,” and what do we mean by “do”?

Professor Bolton’s final calls to action included asking students to continue educating themselves about the events and issues happening in Syria, to reevaluate their concept of “we” to include themselves as potential actors who can have an international impact, and to keep talking about Syria and the larger questions ¬†brought up by the discussion. So let’s continue the conversation!

Check out our additional resources links below, which range from short videos about the history of the conflict in Syria to the New York Times’s topics page focusing on the most recent news. Then, head over to our Facebook page¬†to keep the discussion going. We’ll see you there!

Additional Resources: