Take Action! Help the Environment Daily! – Week 3

CCAR is celebrating Earth Month! This is a daily, month-long initiative by the Center for Community Action and Research. Be involved in our Digital Take Action campaign: learn environmental facts, sign online petitions, and be aware of different issues affecting us and the environment. These take actions will also be posted on our FACEBOOK & TWITTER pages. See below for this weeks take actions:      ________________________________________________________________________

Monday, April 15th: Tell Shell: Stay Out of the Arctic!

 Sign the petition today and tell Shell to give up its plans to drill in the Polar Bear Seas — for good.


Tuesday, April 16th: Urge Bath & Body Works to stop using Triclosan

The use of triclosan (the anti-bacterial agent) in soaps over the years has negatively affected the environment. Urge Bath & Body Works CEO, Nick Coe, to stop using triclosan in their soaps by signing this petition.


Wednesday, April 17th: The Makers of Expo Dry Erase Markers: Take back your markers for recycling!

 Expo Markers are used across America’s schools each day. Urge the makers of Expo Markers to design an easy to use program for schools to take back their markers for recycling and reuse.


Thursday, April 18th: Dunkin Donuts: Stop using styrofoam cups and switch to a more eco-friendly solution

Dunkin’ Donuts still serves their coffee in styrofoam cups. The amount of styrofoam cups used at their stores is shocking. Sign the petition if you would like to see Dunkin’ Donuts adopt a better, more sustainable approach to serving their coffee.


Friday, April 19th: Sign for the Protection of Antarctic Oceans

The waters around Antarctica are home to almost 10,000 unique and diverse species, many of which cannot be found anywhere else on the planet. But today Antarctica’s marine environment is under threat from overfishing, climate change and more.


Saturday, April 20th: Invest in Your Own Coffee Cup

“Did you know that during the manufacturing process, paper coffee cups are laminated with a plastic resin called polyethylene? [This] prevents the cup from being recycled.” Investing in a reusable cup cuts down on waste and keeps your beverage hot for a much longer time. Most coffee shops may even offer you a discount when you use a reusable cup.


Sunday, April 21st: Fight for Clean Water

Every 20 seconds a child dies from a water-related disease!  Each year 3,575,000 people die worldwide from water-related diseases. Sign the petition and pledge to review the work of Water.org and other humanitarian organizations trying to reduce these needless deaths!