OXFAM: Are you ready to lead the CHANGE?

Oxfam America is an international relief and development organization that creates lasting solutions to poverty, hunger, and injustice. Oxfam works in more that 90 countries. in 111974, Oxfam America launched its first grassroots anti-hunger campaign. Among those who joined the effort were high school and university students, whose dedication and optimism attracted other to the cause.


Founded in 2000, the CHANGE initiative is a highly competitive national program that trains college students to become actively engaged with Oxfam America’s work. Applicants must be entering their sophomore or junior year at a US-based college or university. Oxfam annually selects 50 students who best demonstrate strong ideals and commitment to positive change.

The CHANGE leaders come to Boston for a rigorous week long training that builds leadership, advocacy, organizing and, and communications skills, as well as familiarity with Oxfam’s mission. CHANGE leaders return to their campuses energized and ready to work for social justice. Throughout the academic year, CHANGE Leasers receive support from Oxfam staffers – and one another.

Applications are due on April 1, 2013. Selected students are required to participate in a week-long training in Boston, July 20-26,which is organized and paid for by Oxfam. Students are asked to apply online at: