NYC Election Results Recap!

This week, New Yorkers voted on 5 ballot measures, as well some local elections, in the 2019 general election. Below, you will find the results of the election in New York City, as well as other notable election results around the country.  All 5 ballots passed with at least 70% support!

The Ballot Measures

  1. Ranked Choice Voting System
    – Applicable in a special election and Municipal election
    – Voters will rank 5 candidates instead of just voting for one person who is their top choice
    – This goes into effect in 2021
  2. Expansion of Civilian Complaint Review Board
    – Changes to the agency that reviews police misconduct
    – Protects the budget of the review board and expands it
    – Allows the board to investigate and prosecute police officers
  3. Ethics and Government
    – Focuses on lobbying bans on New York officials and restrictions on campaign participation
  4. City Budget
    – Enables the city to create a rainy day fund
    – Provides guaranteed budgets to public advocates and borough presidents
  5. Land Use
    – Minor changes only
    – Lengthens the Uniform Land Use Review Procedure application process

Other Notable Results Around the Country

  1. In Suffolk County, Steve Bellone, a Democrat, won, even though nearly 53 percent of the county voted for Donald Trump in 2016
  2. In New Jersey, Senator Bob Andrzejczak, a Democrat, lost to Mike Testa Jr., and Republican and co-chairman of President Trump’s re-election campaign in the state
  3. In Connecticut, Mayor Joseph P. Ganim of Bridgeport was reelected, despite allegations of voter fraud and his seven years spent in federal prison for corruption.
  4. Democrats took control of the Virginia House and Senate. This is a huge step for the ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment, which needs 38 states for ratification. With Virginia’s new democratic majority Senate, this could lead the way to the Amendment being ratified and added to the United States Constitution

WTF Does That Mean? (Key Terms from Above)

  1. Special Election: An election that fills an unexpected vacancy
  2. Municipal: Local government
  3. Lobbying: Attempts by group to influence government
  4. Uniform Land Use Review Procedure: A standardized procedure whereby applications affecting the land use of the city are publicly reviewed

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