Who and What Is On The Ballot in Pleasantville?

Who and What Is On The Ballot in Pleasantville?

Who are the Candidates?

Running for Westchester County Executive

Rob Astorino (R-NY)

Has been a county executive since 2009. He’s cut taxes and then froze them every single time that he’s been elected. He’s also started the Safer Communities initiative, which is to “combat violence” in the county. He communicates with the Public Safety, Health and Community Medical Health with the collaboration with those in the community. He also made the initiative to make sports equipment safer. Project WORTHY, is to help with the opioid academic that is occurring across the county. If elected for another term, Astorino would continue to reduce the tax burden and create more jobs.

George Latimer (D-NY)

He is currently a state senator that is running for County Executive against Astorino. He’s consistent “votes to control taxes, rein in spending and oppose tax increases”. He’s increased funds for education, supports opting out of state testing, is reducing the focus of testing on students and is helping to ensure children’s protection on their personal information. Supports the increase for minimum wage and increased local economic activity. He’s a co-sponsor of the Reproductive Health Act and the Comprehensive Contraceptive Coverage Act, ensuring reproductive health rights. He wants to develop a plan that has the Westchester Government becoming more involved with protecting the air and water resources. If Elected Latimer would commit to funding the public and mental health that was reduced from the current administration. He recently posted his legislative plan for the first year in office here.

County Legislator

Margaret Cunzio (R)

Cunzio is the current Board of Legislator chair. She wants to promote the economic development within the county so it can ease the tax burden that it has on the younger residents and the senior citizens. Her current approach of county services being available on a cost-effective basis is what she will continue to provide for the county if she is elected for another term.

Daren Tolz (D)

Tolz’s goal is to help economic benefits for local residents, government for the people, not for the government, and protecting the rights of the residents. Doing so would end excessive borrowing, put an end to asset sales, and promote economic development in the community. He would defend the equality of all the residents while upholding those of women’s rights and that of the Immigration Protection Act.

Mount Pleasant Supervisor

Carl Fulgenzi Jr. (R)

Running for Town Supervisor. Wants to maintain a safe community by hiring five additional officers. Housing for the senior population, for working with developers, for incorporating a senior housing plan. To promote affordable housing and create affordability for younger populations.

Council for Mount Pleasant

Laurie R. Smalley (R)

No information available.

Thomas A. Sialiano (R)

No information available.

Town Clerk for Mount Pleasant:

Patricia Bernnan Scova (R)

She is the current Town Clerk for Mount Pleasant. She approaches her work positively. She is also trying to adapt her office to the latest technology.

Receiver of Taxes for Mount Pleasant

Grace Labricciosa-PaPa (R):

She is a Former Towns Clerk. She currently compiles all the taxes for the residents of Mount Pleasant. As well as being committed to the responsibilities that the job provides.

Superintendent of Highways for Mount Pleasant

Peter M. Sciliano (R)

No information available.

Whats On The Ballot?

The State Constitution Convention

It occurs on the ballot every twenty years. It calls for the State to have a revision of the Constitution. A “NO” vote means that there would be no constitutional convention. A “YES” vote would have three delegates from each district would come together in April of 2019. They would discuss the proposed amendments that would a be up for vote, if a yes vote is passed. Those delegates would be paid as members of the assembly and be reimbursed for the travel expenses, they would also be able to pick the officers, employees and assistants needed for this process. The initial amendment would allow pieces to be altered, added, and/or deleted. The people still are able to vote on the proposed notions.

What are the pro and cons to the constitution? A “PRO” vote, would allow delegates to examine outdated amendments. It would not only allow new ones to take its place but, allow evaluation of how it affects the ethics and future elections held. It not only would allow changes to our amendments, it also would allow changes to reform issues on the judicial process, environmental issues, health care, the rights of women and protections to vulnerable populations. Issues of the “CON” side are the “overhaul” that it may cause. They are worried that if it’s decided to open the state constitution then it would revise certain amendments. Their fears of what would be touched include that of; protections of state pensions, the preservation of the Adirondacks, civic rights, voting access, and that of school funding. They are worried about the role that outside groups may have on the delegates and if that may affect the constitution all together.

Pension Forfeiture For Felony

It would allow a judge, to reduce or revoke the public pension of a public official convicted of a felony related to their duties. It would consider the severity of the crime and if it would create hardship for the family of the officer. This bill includes government officials or governor-appointed officials, municipal administrators, and policymakers employed by the state.

Forest Prevention

It’s designed to preserve 250 acres of land for qualifying local projects. It would be used to address the hazards that occur on bridges and roads, for waterways to be up to par, and to stabilize the utility lines. It would also widen the bike paths, the sewer lines, as well as the wires that are within the area of the highway.