Alternative Spring Break: Day 2 – Ivan

Today was the second day of ASB and it was a tiring day. I feel that today we made a difference in someones life. When I say I feel, I mean physically feel. Today we actually got to do some hands on work in a house that was damaged by Super Storm Sandy. The work was tiring and exhausting but very rewarding at the end. Although today was the first time we were working on someones house I feel that we  did a little something to help out those who are in need.

The day started out very early, earlier than when I have school. It came to mind that most people my age are probably sleeping in on spring break and were here waking up earlier than usual but I guess this is the least we can do to help out those around us. After a well balanced breakfast we were off to work, we met a representative from All Hands and we got to work. Contrary to what many people think, the work that we were asked to do was really physically demanding work, and all of us were eager to help out in any way we could. In retrospect I hope the people who lived in the house get to rebuild and move back in once it is safe for them to do so. When looking around the neighborhood virtually everyone’s house was being worked on. Although a lot of time has passed since Sandy hit the damage is still visible all around.
Today has been a long day for everyone but I hope that we can look back when the week is over and think of the small difference we’ve made and it will all be worth it. Hopefully the recovery efforts continue and the many people who lost it all have an opportunity to get back to a regular life.