Alternative Spring Break: Day 1 – Chris

Hey guys! It’s day one of alternate spring break 2013!!!

Prior to leaving for Wagner, we watched a documentary on what made super-storm Sandy so special. There was a missing current or some special weather pattern over Bermuda, the jet stream was pushed downwards and caused it go slam into the area, and also the geography had a huge part in it too. The islands of New York were spaced just enough to basically funnel the waters up and into the islands. Sandy also became bigger because the waters were abnormally warm. All these little factors in separate storms wouldn’t become much of anything. However, since they all combined it made one heck of a storm. And with everywhere warming up, it’s only going to get worse. (Regardless of the impact humans have on the environment, you can’t argue with me that weather patterns aren’t getting crazy.)

I’m really looking forward to volunteering with All Hands again. They are really nice people and most of their funds go right back into helping people. They live off of $600, and do a lot of the work themselves. I volunteered with them in November shortly after Sandy had it and the devastation was crazy. There were tons of houses that were misplaced and foundations missing houses. There was one house in particular that still stands out to me. It was a house that had a basement, yet by looking at the house at the time, you’d never guess. This house was further down the lot, but the basement and the stuff in the basement were thrown ALL over the yard.

Well, that’s all I have for now! Take care everyone!

Chris M.
ASB Participant 2013