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Alternative Spring Break: Day 3 – Alex

An early start to the day makes the morning beautiful. Waking up at 7am to Brando’s birdcall is, to say the least, a little strange, but it was the moments like this that made my Alternative Spring Break so memorable. After a delicious buffet style breakfast overlooking the morning sun rising over the Verrazano Narrows […]

Alternative Spring Break: Day 2 – Ivan

Today was the second day of ASB and it was a tiring day. I feel that today we made a difference in someones life. When I say I feel, I mean physically feel. Today we actually got to do some hands on work in a house that was damaged by Super Storm Sandy. The work […]

Alternative Spring Break: Day 2 – Maritsa

Second Day on Staten Island and it was truly an unforgettable experience. Five months post Super Storm Sandy and the devastation still exist on the Island. Today, we met with the All Hands Volunteer service coordinators who assigned houses we were scheduled to work on. Once arriving to the worksite, I saw from the outside […]

Alternative Spring Break: Day 2 – Tania

Hey guys, it’s Tania here. I bet most of you on Spring Break didn’t wake up at 7am. And if you did, it definitely wasn’t to Brando’s knock on the door. On our second day here, we were put to work. As mentioned in the previous blog entries, we watched a documentary on the impact […]

Alternative Spring Break: Day 2 – Kristel

Today was our first volunteering day. We were all excited about it. After a big breakfast at Wagner dining hall, we headed to the office of “All hands”, the association we are working with. The members of the association gave us T-shirts and we were all divided up into 3 groups, each of them going […]

Alternative Spring Break: Day 1 – Patrice

Today was the first day of ASB 2013 for Superstorm Sandy. I arrived on the NYC campus of Pace University excited and curious about what was to happen over the course of this week. Before heading over to Staten Island, we first watched a documentary for Superstorm Sandy. This documentary was both emotional and informational. […]

Alternative Spring Break: Day 1 – Chris

Hey guys! It’s day one of alternate spring break 2013!!! Prior to leaving for Wagner, we watched a documentary on what made super-storm Sandy so special. There was a missing current or some special weather pattern over Bermuda, the jet stream was pushed downwards and caused it go slam into the area, and also the […]

Alternative Spring Break: Day 1 – Deina

As I entered room E327 and saw the other volunteers, I knew that there was no turning back. We were a mix of Pleasantville and New York City students, all from different cultural backgrounds. Besides our video conferences, I didn’t meet any Pleasantville students and was excited to see them outside the screen. It made […]

Spring 2015 in Review: CCARNYC

It’s May, which means summer is right around the corner! Before we start daydreaming about sunshine, iced coffee, and the many amazing places Pace students will be going this summer, we’d like to throw it back and reflect on some of our events from the Spring 2015 semester.  Thank you to all of the amazing students who […]

Spring 2014 in Review: CCARNYC

As the days get longer and the New York City weather creeps slowly toward summer, the Spring 2014 semester is quickly coming to an end! Congratulations to those who are graduating, who made it through their very first year, and everyone who is rocking these last two weeks of classes and finals. In 2013-2014, thousands […]